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A cool oasis

Summer in Australia is traditionally fairly extreme, and this year has been no exception. In the midst of a heat wave you’ll notice it’s not just the kids who like to get out and play under the hose – there will often be birds on the grass with their wings spread out to keep cool or diving in a nearby swimming pool.

Native birds and animals all feel the heat, but with a little work and planning you can turn your backyard into an oasis that will both attract visitors to your garden and help them chill out when the mercury rises.

Even the smallest garden can offer the luxury of a pond or birdbath, which should be close to prickly or thorny shrubs and trees so the visiting birds can quickly find shelter from predators.
Keep the water clean and top it up regularly to ensure your birds can drop in for a splash at any time. On hot summer days, they will truly rely on the water you provide.

Planting locally native species will also encourage local birds to visit. Ideally, your garden should include the following:

– Low, medium and high trees and shrubs that will offer protection from predators and domestic pets. Try to include at least one very tall tree to act as a survey or lookout point for your native birds.

– A range of natives that flower and fruit throughout the seasons – winter-flowering plants are often forgotten in gardens, so grow banksias, hakeas and grevilleas in addition to summer and spring flowering natives. Don’t forget the seed eaters, which rely on grasses and sedges. Fruits and berries are also important, so incorporate a mix of food plants in your garden.

– Nesting boxes can help recreate homes for some hollow-nesting birds. Keep an eye on them to ensure that invasive species such as starlings, sparrows, feral wasps and honeybees have not taken residence. Set it up where you can easily access it with a ladder, between 4-8m high.

If you own a cat but want to attract more birds to your backyard, take some time one balmy summer evening to build an outdoors cat run to keep both moggie and native animals safe.

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