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A new handle on home decor

Landscaping, lighting, fresh paint and a new front door can all improve your home’s appeal, but one of the easiest and most often overlooked ways is with stylish new front door hardware.

If you have a nondescript or worn doorknob, upgrading it could make your entire front facade look well-tended and more inviting.

Choose a style and finish that coordinates with the look of your home. Polished brass is a classic and looks brilliant against dark colours, like deep natural wood tones and traditional door colours like navy blue, burgundy, or Charleston green.

For a more contemporary home, cooler metallic finishes such as brushed nickel or stainless steel can provide the sleek, minimalist styling that perfectly coordinates with sharp angles and soaring eaves.

Cool, toned metal finishes also look great against black, natural wood tones and less traditional colours like turquoise, yellow or red.

Upgrading the hardware and knobs on interior doors brings benefits as well. It makes you home look cleaner, cared for and well maintained. Old scratched doorknobs will detract from the decor and make everything less attractive.

In addition to new doorknobs, it’s also a good idea to replace door hinges if the doors no longer open and close smoothly. This is a simple fix that makes life a little less frustrating on a daily basis.

New knobs and hardware for cabinet doors, from kitchen to bathroom, provide another opportunity to add style and interest to your interior spaces.

Whether it’s vintage glass knobs, brushed stainless steel bin pulls, Mediterranean inspired ceramic pottery knobs or rustic wood knobs, new cabinet knobs and pulls are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to give you kitchen or bath a fresh updated look.

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