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Australians turn off gas

Most Australians would be keen to switch from gas to electricity in order to reduce emissions, a recent survey has found.

New research by The Australia Institute revealed very little opposition to switching off gas, and majority support for cleaner, cheaper energy options for homes, vehicles and appliances.

More than half of the respondents (55%) felt positive about electrifying more homes, while just 13% were negative.

Among those who felt positive about switching to electricity, environmental reasons were the biggest drivers (mentioned by 59%), followed by the potential for cheaper electricity bills (18%).

When it comes to which appliances Australians want in their homes, there is a clear preference for electric heating (58% vs. 20% gas), electric hot water (54% vs. 32%) and electric ovens (63% vs. 25%).

Opinions on cooktops are more divided, however more still prefer electric cooktops (46%) than gas cooktops (43%).

“Our research shows that getting off gas isn’t just cheaper and cleaner – it’s also very popular with families struggling in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis,” said Noah Schultz-Byard, Director of the Australia Institute, South Australia.

“Australians struggling to pay their bills want support to switch off their gas and switch on cheaper, cleaner energy at home and in their vehicles.

“From space heating to cooktops, Australians prefer electric over gas for every appliance type listed in our survey.”

The research has also revealed the declining popularity of petrol and diesel cars in Australia, as they are now the least preferred option behind both hybrid and electric alternatives.

“Australians understand that electrification doesn’t just result in a safer climate for the next generation, but that it can also help them to make ends meet in the near term”, Schultz-Byard noted.

“With electric technology now readily available, the biggest barrier to making that switch is the upfront cost of transition.

“This data shines a light on the policy pathway forward.

“Electric homes, cars and appliances underpinned by clean energy and battery storage will play a key role in confronting our economic and environmental concerns.

“Combining electric homes, battery storage and vehicles will open up a range of benefits for households and our research has shown that Australians are ready to make the switch”, he concluded.

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