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Bathroom damp, be gone

Bathrooms are going to get wet. But that doesn’t mean we need to put up with them being continually damp. Here’s how you can keep your bathroom dry all year round.

Generally, damp issues in houses are caused by water getting in from outside, such as rising groundwater or rainwater entering through a leaking roof. Bathroom damp, however, most often comes from inside your home because of the amount of water and moisture that the room is subject to every day.

Apart from the occasional overflow from a bath or shower, bathroom damp is most likely to be a result of condensation, and it is potentially damaging to plaster, wood and paint. Mould invariably follows, with its own problems.

If you have moisture in the bathroom, there are simple ways to make sure your bathroom is staying as dry as possible. Even if you don’t have issues right now, you can still prevent future problems and keep your bathroom feeling less humid.

– One of the easiest ways to combat damp is to open a window. Even in the middle of winter, it’s important to allow fresh air to flow through, so give it at least ten minutes a day.

– Check vents to ensure they are not closed or blocked. Even something as small as that can reduce how much dry air is getting into the bathroom, causing condensation issues.

– Use the opportunity to install that bathroom heater you always wanted.

– Check that the extractor fan is working, and keep it clear of dust and dirt away from the fan to keep it running efficiently – and make sure the family use it.

– Another easy way to reduce moisture is to adjust your shower routine. Shorter and cooler could make a big difference.

– Invest in a shower squeegee (available in many supermarkets) to remove excess moisture from shower walls. Likewise, wipe down the mirror and sink after use to reduce any standing water that would evaporate into the air.

– Take any wet towels, bathmats and clothes out of the bathroom immediately to avoid further moisture in the area. Whenever possible, hang towels and mats on the clothesline daily, to air and freshen them.

If the problem persists, consider painting the walls with anti-condensation paint, which will reduce the chance of mould and paint chipping, as water won’t stay on the walls.

Start with the easiest solutions first, and work your way up to the more involved, expensive ones. You really don’t want to replace the bathroom fan when it turns out all you had to do was open the air vent.

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