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Better Soil, Better Life, Better Future

There are few things better for a garden than mulch and compost. Better for us too, because they take care of garden waste and food scraps, save money and are relatively free of chemicals.

Mulch reduces water loss through evaporation, adds nutrients to the soil and keeps weeds at bay, while compost can help make even the poorest soil become rich in nutrients and able to hold water.
Most organic materials can be used in a compost pile, although you’ll need a well-maintained mix of browns and greens.

‘Browns’ are carbon-rich materials such as wood chips, leaves and straw, while ‘greens’ are nitrogen-rich, such as kitchen scraps and grass cuttings. Things like tea bags, banana peels, apple cores and a few egg shells are excellent, but steer clear of meat, dairy products and high-fat foods, as they can produce harmful bacteria but also attract rats.

Be careful of any seeds you throw into the compost, as they might not break down, meaning you could end up with tomato or pumpkin plants sprouting all over the garden. Potatoes should also be avoided, whereas extras such as a sprinkle of lime will make the compost break down quicker.

Compost piles can be built anywhere, but are best located in a corner that gets a little sunlight throughout the day – ideally kept in bins, a pile or behind a fence of some sort. You might also consider using a compost tumbler, which is an above-ground compost bin that stands freely with a metal base that allows it to rotate or ‘tumble’.

Next week (7th-13th May) is International Compost Awareness Week Australia (ICAW), a week of activities, events and publicity to improve awareness of the importance of compost, a valuable organic resource and to promote compost use, knowledge and products.

ICAW Australia is an initiative of the Centre for Organic Research & Education (CORE), a not-for-profit organisation conducting year round organic research, education and awareness activities.
For more ideas and information about composting, visit compostweek.com.au

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