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Working for the client, not for the deal


64 Brook Street, Windsor

I met this client after selling several properties for some of his close friends. All sales were sold well above those clients best expectations. This client is a highly regarded builder and as such he had relationships with many real estate agents. He in fact had no less than eight quotes and presentations from other agents. He was upfront about this with me. After listening to my ideas he and his wife where confident to go with me and within 7 days of signing the paperwork we were online ready to show through buyers.

My client said that all of the other agents quoted mid to high $700,000’s but that he really wanted $800,000. I decided to price the property using a range of High $700,000’s to low $800,000’s. After the first open I had received six written. I had moved two different parties up to the magic 800k mark and the sellers were happy to take an offer. I however recommended they wait as I felt one women that came through was our buyer. She said her husband was in Japan but if I didn’t accept an offer until Monday that he would fly in. I spoke to the sellers and they agreed to wait until Monday. I then did another inspection on Saturday night and another on Sunday. I then had a further two offers. All up I showed through 54 groups of buyers. On Monday the husband arrived from Japan and I showed them both through. I then negotiated their offer up to $820,000 and the property was sold. This is yet another example of my sales process beating other agents quoted sale prices, and doing so in any area.

About Adam Nobel

CEO | Principal
M. Bus, Grad Dip Adv, B.Int Bus, LREA


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Adam is the founder and Principal of Hugo Alexander Property Group. With a previous career in advertising, 22 years experience in property investment, and 16 years in Brisbane real estate, he knows the market inside out to ensure his clients grow their wealth faster.

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