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Price record leads to beautiful hugs


  • New street record
  • 95 group inspections
  • 7 written offers
  • A delighted buyer and seller

27 Hove Street, Highgate Hill

This sale was without a doubt one of the most special. I took this two bed house in Highgate Hill to auction because I new it would have a lot of competition and that a perfectly run auction would lead to a premium price. The sellers were a beautiful couple that had been married for over 50 years. They were hoping to achieve $720,000 and had a dream or wish price of $750,000. 750k was the highest price they were quoted from other agents in the area.

We had a great response and within the first week had an offer of $720,000 and then another one in week 2. The sellers wanted to take the offer. I advised them to hold steady. I then came back with another offer; this time for $750,000. Again they wanted to take it and again I advised them to let me get back to work and keep trying for more. Two days later I returned with $760,000. The owners were ecstatic and again said they wanted to take it and were now feeling uncomfortable with proceeding. I really felt I could get more so asked them again to let me keep going despite the fact we had a cash unconditional contract above their wish price. I then spent the next day and night, and next morning, calling every single one of the 95 buyers that came through and gave them a final chance to make an offer or up their existing offer. My negotiating went on for a further three days and got us up a further $70,000 to $830,000. My clients who are using 100% of this money to fund their retirement, were in tears and I got a very long and beautiful hug from my clients. I will never forget this sale. It’s a constant reminder of the responsibility and important role play as agents. Its extremely fulfilling to be a positive part of someone’s life during such an important step in their life.

About Adam Nobel

CEO | Principal
M. Bus, Grad Dip Adv, B.Int Bus, LREA


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Adam is the founder and Principal of Hugo Alexander Property Group. With a previous career in advertising, 22 years experience in property investment, and 16 years in Brisbane real estate, he knows the market inside out to ensure his clients grow their wealth faster.

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