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Sold for $60,000 above seller’s wish price


In just 10 days on market we had:

  • 35 Individual Inspections
  • 3 Written Offers
  • Sold for $60,000 above sellers wish price
  • New Street Record

1/22 Middle Street, Highgate Hill

This was yet another extremely satisfying sale. The owner of this property had told me that he was speaking to several agents and even though some were cheaper he told me that my track record led him to believe that I would get him the greatest net return. He was right. We decided to auction the property and within one week our marketing campaign had led to 35 group inspections and multiple offers attracted.

While negotiating with the third party, we reached the sellers wish price and he was delighted. I urged him not to take the offer until I felt we had the very most from all parties. I negotiated further with all three groups. At this point the seller was feeling very nervous as he didn’t want to lose the buyer given he already had above what he wanted. It was however clear to me that there was still more to be achieved so I went back to work with my sellers permission. Over the next two days I negotiated the price up a further $60,000 and also negotiated a settlement of 14 days as the seller wanted a quick settlement. We sold the property for $60,000 above what the owner wanted and once again our negotiating skill delivered the desired outcome. This price was $40,000 higher than the highest expected sale price given by the other local agencies.

About Adam Nobel

CEO | Principal
M. Bus, Grad Dip Adv, B.Int Bus, LREA


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Adam is the founder and Principal of Hugo Alexander Property Group. With a previous career in advertising, 22 years experience in property investment, and 16 years in Brisbane real estate, he knows the market inside out to ensure his clients grow their wealth faster.

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