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Colour your home happy

With many of us spending more time than ever in our homes, it’s important that we feel good in the space. And one of the best ways to lift mood around the house is with a fresh coat of paint.

Besides, if you’re thinking of selling soon, repainting is a low-cost way to enhance the appearance of a home. So it could be a winning solution all round.

Just being surrounded by different colours can be uplifting. Research has shown that certain colours invoke specific feelings and emotions, so knowing this ahead of time allows you to make the best colour choices.

If your life is stressful, you might want to repaint the rooms where you rest and relax – the family room and bedroom, for example – in shades of pale blue or soft green. Studies show that these colours can be very calming.

Alternatively, you might prefer shades of taupe or cream. These also tend to create a tranquil environment, but they impart more warmth and cosiness than blue or green.

If, on the other hand, you want to inject some energy and optimism into your surroundings, consider using yellow. Like splashes of brilliant sunshine, yellow walls – or curtains, throw rugs or cushions – can lift your spirits and brighten your outlook.

Apricot, cinnamon, and tangerine are also energising colours. But be careful with reds and burgundies: these colours can literally increase heartbeat and arouse passion. Not good for the room where you sit to pay the bills!

The tone, or brightness, of a colour should always be factored into colour choice. Brighter hues invigorate, while those that are muted or ‘toned down’ tend to be more relaxing.

So, if you’re feeling a little blue, think about painting your walls blue. . .or green. . .or yellow. It will cost very little, but could give a big lift to your outlook!

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