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Colour your house happy this Christmas

Santa is red, mistletoe is green, what colours will you pick for your Christmas theme in 2023?

Something old, something new? Traditionally, red and green lead the Christmas colour pack, usually with white as a base or trimming. While the most common tones are the deep greens and rich reds found in holly and mistletoe, you could give the old traditions a modern twist this year with an entire spectrum of colour gradients at your disposal.

Brighter greens can add a fresh ambience to your home. From bold luminous limes to softer pastel pears, green will help impart a natural feeling throughout your colour scheme.

Match light greens with bold reds to bring a fresh look to the classic combination, or try pairing green with earthy tones like brown to keep your home grounded at this time of frenzy and excitement.

Beyond tinsel and baubles, there are plenty of household items that can help reinforce your colour theme:

– Pad a glass bowl with cotton wool then fill it with red and green apples;
– Use lime and strawberries to garnish drinks or dishes;
– If you have lawn chairs, dress them up with red covers to compliment the green grass.

Something borrowed, why not blue? It’s rare to see a white Christmas in Australia, with holly’s red berries and green mistletoe. Our holidays are mostly spent under clear blue skies or in crystal blue waters, so why not celebrate that by using blues as the base colour in your theme.

Deck your traditional green tree this year with blue, white and silver ornaments. Then work the colours through the tinsel, tablecloths, candles, lights and even jelly centrepieces, to bring a cool, summery vibe to your home.

Colours worth their weight: once reserved for displaying wealth and power, gold and silver are now regular additions to Christmas decorations everywhere. Ideal for minimalists, both colours have a strong, shimmering presence, but keep in mind that a little goes a long way.

Gold and silver are reflective by their very nature, so it’s easy to create vibrant displays using them in conjunction with Christmas lights. Work with your home’s décor to set the mood:

– Use amber-toned LED lights for warmth;
– For cooler tones, use white or blue lights;
– Weave strings of coloured lights through a base of platinum tones for an elegant touch.

Play around and experiment until you find a colour scheme that works for you this Christmas, and most importantly, have fun with it!

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