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Count me in

It’s that time again, when Australians everywhere get to appreciate and record all the wonderful birds that inhabit our yards, parks and neighbourhoods.

From October 16 to 22, BirdLife Australia will be holding the 10th annual Aussie Bird Count, which has grown to become our country’s largest citizen science event.

The Aussie Bird Count provides a tangible opportunity for birders of all levels to make a real impact on bird conservation and BirdLife Australia’s National Public Affairs Manager Sean Dooley is encouraging all Australians to join the campaign.

“The Aussie Bird Count is not just about counting birds”, Dooley explained.

“Australia faces numerous challenges, including climate change, habitat loss, and invasive species.

“Paying attention to birds is where conservation begins through popular interactive opportunities including the popular Bird of the Year vote.”

The Aussie Bird Count complements the work of trained birdwatchers and ornithologists by focusing on common backyard and urban birds. It fills a crucial gap in scientists’ understanding of these everyday avian neighbours.

Taking just 20 minutes for yourself in nature can create a significant benefit for both yourself and the birds. It’s an excellent excuse to immerse yourself in nature while also contributing to a vital cause. The Aussie Bird Count is fun for all ages, all experiences, and can be enjoyed alone or in groups.

Wondering how to participate?

Choose Your Spot: Select your favourite outdoor space, whether it’s your backyard, a local park, or even looking out your office window.

Count the Birds: Spend 20 minutes quietly observing and counting the birds around you. Note the species and the number you spot.

Share Your Data: Record your findings using the Aussie Bird Count app or the web form. You can participate as many times as you like, in as many places as you like during the count period, but each count should be 20 minutes.

For those unsure about bird identification, a built-in bird finder tool in the app is available to help.

“We aim to spark a passion for birdwatching that will encourage Aussie Bird Count participants to provide essential data that helps us assess the health of our local bird populations”, Dooley said.

To combat threats like climate change, habitat loss, fires, and invasive species that endanger nearly one in six bird species in Australia, BirdLife Australia relies on data to inform priorities.

This 10th Annual Aussie Bird Count is a call for all Australians to step up and be part of the solution. Insights from the count will help shape BirdLife Australia’s broader Bird Conservation Strategy, aiming to halt bird extinctions by 2032 and overall bird declines by 2050. Celebrate the beauty of nature while contributing to the conservation of our native birdlife this October.

To sign up for the count go to https://aussiebirdcount.org.au/

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