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Create your own secret garden

Work of art or a necessary part of the traffic flow, a gate is a versatile tool for the landscape gardener.

Traditionally built to keep out marauding armies, gates are nowadays often used more for ornamentation than deterring even the neighbourhood dogs, but can nevertheless be just as impressive – or evocative.

Gates can be constructed of almost any material capable of withstanding daily use, from wood to iron to steel. Many are made from the same materials as the fence in order to create a unified look. They might lock or simply be hinged on one side, waist-high or even higher, and often have any number of decorative accents.

A gate placed in a boundary wall or hedge can be used to frame a view, and even if what is in the frame belongs to a neighbour, the result can be both a pretty picture on an otherwise blank wall and a garden that seems larger.

An age-old device for improving a viewless garden is to set a gateway, flanked by a screen, a little distance from the end of the garden and then to put a flowerbed, an urn, or even a patch of lawn just beyond the gate. Though it makes the garden slightly shorter, it will create both a picturesque outlook and an interesting, evocative sanctuary. Plant climbing roses, vines or ivy beside the gate or archway and allow them to grow around the frame to add privacy and colour.

Choosing a gate is a personal matter, but there are some caveats. Nothing looks quite so silly as a huge ornate wrought-iron affair in the middle of a white picket fence, or thick brick gate posts in a brush fence. Some manufacturers offer handcrafted wrought-iron or steel gates which can be made to suit a variety of house styles and situations, so don’t restrict your search to regular retail outlets if they don’t offer what you need.

Whether your gate is going to keep intruders out, make a statement, or be part of an interesting landscape in your garden, there are plenty of options. Keep in mind, however, installing a tall, solid gate for security purposes will be as good as useless if it does not have quality locks. These days many locking mechanisms are available, from the traditional latch to sophisticated electronic devices which can be integrated into your home security system.

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