Cathy Elias

Senior Asset Manager

Cathy brings with her over 18 years experience in the real estate industry having also worked as a Body Corporate Manager.

As a fully licensed agent, she has been recognized with a number of industry awards.

As a Senior property manager, Cathy is responsible for identifying risks and providing up to date advice on the current market.

Cathy believes in providing an empathetic service to her clients and takes pride in all owners assets as if they are her own.

As a problem solver, Cathy is always able to think quickly and keep up to date with current legislation, as well as ensuring that all checks are thoroughly met to best meet her clients needs regardless of the situation.

She believes in communicating a number of key messages to tenants including their rights, the seriousness of late payments and the expectations associated with the upkeep of the property in order to eliminate any issues arising. Cathy also understands that many landlords aren’t familiar with the importance of landlord insurance, which aims to protect their asset. This is something that is always discussed thoroughly with Cathy.