Jamey Miller

Senior Asset Manager

With a wealth of experience spanning eight years as a senior property manager and an impressive twenty years in customer service, Jamey brings a unique blend of expertise to her role. She takes great pride in her ability to provide top-notch service, consistently aligning her efforts with the overarching goals and profitability objectives of her clients.

Jamey recognises that effective communication is pivotal in property management, and she places utmost importance on fostering strong relationships with owners, tenants, and trades alike. In an era where automation and off-shore virtual assistants are prevalent, Jamey remains committed to prioritising personal connections, understanding that they are indispensable to the smooth operation of property portfolios. By working closely with owners and tenants, Jamey endeavours to ensure an exceptional experience for all parties involved, thereby setting a benchmark for excellence in property management.

In her spare time Jamey enjoys exploring thrift shops with her daughter or finding a nice water hole to swim in after going for a hike.

Best Brisbane Real Estate Agent!