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Fight the front hall chaos

What sight greets you when you walk in the front door of your home? Is it a sleek, peaceful entry, or a chaotic pile of abandoned shoes, schoolbags, hats and a month’s accumulation of junk mail?

If you find yourself cringing from the mess, it’s probably time to make some changes.

– Create a designated space for hanging coats and bags. It might be a coat rack, a row of hooks or a narrow cupboard if there is room; whatever you decide, make sure it is easy for all the family to reach their respective hooks.

– If you like to have family and guests remove their shoes before walking in the house, give them a place to park those shoes as well as their ‘house’ footwear. Add a padded seat to a low cupboard or shelving, to make a welcoming place for them to sit while they do it. Schedule a regular clearing out to avoid a build-up, particularly of seasonal or occasional shoes.

– Wet or dry, umbrellas look great when stored neatly in a tall ceramic pot that matches the décor and is heavy enough to not fall over when someone grabs an umbrella as they run out the door.

– Add a shelf or keep the top of the shoe cupboard clear for a couple of matching bowls where you can throw your keys and store the mail until you’re ready to go through it.

– Cyclists who live in an apartment can free up floor space by installing a bike rack on the wall; or, if that is not viable, wedge a bar between the floor and ceiling and hang the bike there.

– A pot plant or vase of colourful flowers will add a bright spot to the entryway and help redirect the flow of chi into your home.

Some of these ideas might not work in the space you have available in the entryway to your home, but whatever you do, remember to sort through and regularly cull the extras that inevitably accumulate. Having places to stash things will go a long way to keeping the space clear, and you’ll find coming home through that front door a whole lot more pleasant.

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