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Fire up your home for a winter sale

Winter has often been said to be a difficult season for selling a home, but is that really true anymore? With the property market on fire right now, the next few months could be exactly the right time.

If you’re thinking you might sell your property, here are a few suggestions to make it more appealing for buyers in the current market.

Celebrate space. After several lockdowns and a lot of time spent at home, many buyers are feeling a need for more space. Optimise storage by packing away at least half your belongings, and remove ornaments, photos and clutter from benchtops and shelves.

Bask in the warmth of the sun. Let your selling agent know what times of the day the sun impacts your home, and show off rooms that get the winter sunlight. Add a cosy chair beside a bedroom window, place a mirror to bring in more sunlight, and trim any trees or shrubs that are in the way.

Open to the outdoors. If you don’t already have one, an ‘outdoor room’ is an easy addition that will appeal. Face it towards the sun, and make sure it is sheltered from winds, then add seating, cushions and warm rugs. An outdoor heater and table will extend its useability throughout the day.

Create a workspace. Many of us have worked from home over the past year, and know the kitchen table is not convenient, so find a spot where potential buyers could see themselves working in comfort, away from the family.

Rug up the windows. Buyers want to know that once the sun is no longer shining, your home will still keep the warmth in. Make sure all curtains, blinds or louvres are in good condition, clean, and work smoothly.

Add colour. Winter might not be the most colourful season to show off your garden, but there are plenty of flowering plants available in your local nursery. Keep the lawns trim and watered, and the garden beds or pots weed-free and fertilised for healthy growth.

Finally, always have your home heated to a pleasant warmth before any viewings so that buyers feel comfortable there.

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