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For sale: ‘animated family home’

From ‘could we/should we?’ to ‘we did it!’, the epic saga of selling the family home and hunting for a new one is familiar to many Australians, so it’s not surprising that our favourite family of Blue Heelers would tackle the topic sooner or later.

It started with last week’s episode titled ‘Ghostbasket’, in which dad Bandit pretended to be an estate agent selling the Grannies’ house to Mum – but Janet and Rita didn’t want to move out.

Now, Bluey and her family have ‘listed’ their iconic Queenslander home on the Domain website, and this week will have to deal with all the inherent issues and emotions.

The listing is currently live on Domain, complete with images of colourful rooms, the world-famous garden with its poinciana tree and a loving description carefully penned by ‘property agent’ Bucky Dunstan.

The not-to-be-missed episode ‘The Sign’ will air this weekend (April 14) on ABC TV, home of all Bluey episodes, or anytime on iview.

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