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Gardening for tenants

Gardening is a form of relaxation and an essential part of home for many Australians. If you are renting your home or live in an apartment, however, you might feel that a garden is out of the question, and so you miss out on having somewhere quiet and peaceful to go and ‘potter’ as a respite from daily stresses.

However, with a little planning and creativity, a temporary garden can be just as enjoyable as a permanent one.

One of the easiest ways to create a non-permanent garden is through the use of pots and tubs that can be placed in a garden, on a veranda or balcony. Mix large tubs with smaller ones in front for a more natural effect, and create mini gardens in the pots by growing several plants together. Wheeled bases are available in nurseries, and are perfect for manoeuvring larger plants.

Sit in the space for a few moments and think about the sort of plants you would like there. Tall ones for privacy? Try clumping bamboo. Something that will flower profusely in a corner that never sees the sun? Consider Impatiens, Hydrangea or Begonia and some hanging baskets filled with Fuchsia.

If you have a sunny spot, consider growing food plants such as herbs, salad greens, tomatoes, radishes or peas. Even citrus will grow in pots, especially the newer dwarf varieties and cumquats.

Tend to your garden by fertilising and watering it regularly to encourage lush growth, as unkempt pots with neglected, spindly, brown plants not only look ugly, but give you no sense of satisfaction and peace.

Transportable compost containers and worm farms can fit easily in the backyard or balcony so food scraps can be recycled for composting or fertiliser, and there is a large range of solar-powered lighting and plug-in water features available on the market.

Pebbles or peat moss arranged around the tops of the pots will make the plants look tidier, more permanent and attractive, as well as being excellent mulch and can easily be disassembled for moving. A quick trip to your local nursery should help you discover what plants would suit your setting.

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