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Handy tips for safe DIY

Doing your own home improvements can be extremely rewarding but, without taking proper care, it can be dangerous. Here are some tips for staying safe when carrying out improvements and repairs around the home.

– Always keep well clear of powerlines. Remember, too, that extension poles, aluminium ladders or metal scaffolding can all become conductors of electricity if they come into close proximity to power lines.

– Look for areas where trees or branches might obscure electrical connection points to the home.

– If you’re planning to do excavation, call the Dial Before You Dig hotline on 1100 or visit the website 1100.com.au

– When working on a ladder, keep within arm’s reach and do not lean to one side as you could lose balance. If you cannot easily reach, climb down and reposition the ladder.

– When painting or using any material that generates toxic fumes or dust, keep the room well-ventilated. Better still, look for products that are low in toxicity, such as low-VOC paints.

– Avoid wearing loose clothing or jewellery when using power tools, as these could get caught in the equipment.

– When undertaking any sort of DIY project, always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, gloves, steel cap shoes, and earmuffs.

To keep safe when doing DIY work a simple rule of thumb is to avoid jobs that involve electricity. Instead, use a licensed electrician for all electrical work inside and outside the home.

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