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Households of the future

Australia needs to be building a lot more homes in the near future, official predictions suggest. In fact, three million over the next 20 years would be a solid goal.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics this week predicted that by 2046, there will be between 13.3 million and 13.9 million households in Australia (up from 10.0 million in 2021).

Despite recent trends towards house sharing, family households are projected to remain the most common household type in Australia, at 68-70% of all households in 2046.

Living with a partner will still be the most common living arrangement, with very little change from what it is currently (around 46%), while just over a quarter (27-28%) of Australia’s population are projected to live as children in a family household in 2046.

Between 3.4 to 4 million Australians are expected to be living alone, constituting 26-28% of all households in 2046, while group households are projected to make up 4-5%.

The proportion of people living alone increased from 9% in 2001 to 10% in 2021. Of those under the age of 55, most were men (55% in 2021, down from 59% in 2001), but over age 55 most people living alone were women (62% in 2021, down from 68% in 2001).

In 2046, it is expected that there will be 34 million people in Australia (up from 26 million in 2021).

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