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Is pink mould harmful?

With all the rain the eastern states have been having lately, it is not surprising that mould has made an appearance again. Sometimes it is pink, sometimes green or black – is there any difference between the colours?

Pink mould tends to flourish in the bathroom, especially in shower cubicles, around taps and on or under kiddies’ baths and bath toys. It is more often a bacterium than mould and while it might seem less threatening than black mould, it still needs to be eradicated as soon as it appears.

Green is the most common colour for mould. There are myriad types of mould and many appear green at some point. So when it comes to green mould, the colour won’t tell you much, but chances are that it could be Aspergillus, Penicillium or Cladosporium.

Both pink and green mould can usually be removed from surfaces using a vinegar-water solution.

Like its green cousin, black mould comes in many varieties with not all necessarily dangerous, despite its ugly, threatening appearance. It is most likely to grow in dark, constantly damp conditions, such as after flooding, in walls or under flooring.

But black mould will emit toxic spores, so it is crucial that it be treated with caution; to remove a small patch, wear gloves, mask and protective clothing, and use a strong bleach solution in well-ventilated conditions only. If there is a lot of it, consult a professional to have it removed safely.

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