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Paint your home perfect

Choosing the right colours to paint a room can be a challenging decision that many of us baulk at, opting instead for the no-fail white. Yet colour can both express your personality and make your home more interesting.

To take some of the angst out of the decision, here are some tips for finding the perfect colours for your place.

To begin, look for inspiration in the room itself – the furniture, floor coverings, window treatments, a favourite painting or rug can offer ideas.

Love the colour of a jacaranda tree in bloom, or the beach at dawn? Smartphone apps like Dulux Colour or Resene Colour Match will let you snap a hue anywhere and then match it to a paint colour.

Once you have some ideas, pick up a bunch of colour chips or sample pots from your local hardware store. Tape them on the wall for a few days to get an idea of how they look in real time, because daylight, artificial lighting and the colours already in the room will all have an impact.

Paint it bigger

A small room can appear more spacious when painted in neutral colours or any shade of white, as that helps to ‘lift’ the ceilings and make the walls seem more distant.

Follow it through with plain, light coloured furniture and floor coverings to reduce visual clutter. That sounds rather bland, but bright colours can be introduced later through cushions, throws and artwork.

A long narrow room will appear wider if you paint the shorter walls in a deeper hue than the longer walls. If that doesn’t do it, try painting the upper and lower portions in different shades.

Paint it cosy

Use darker tones on walls to make a large room appear smaller. Soft furnishings in deeper tones will add to the visual effect of filling the room.

High ceilings may cause a room to appear cavernous, but you can ‘lower’ the height visually by painting the ceiling in a deeper shade or painting horizontal stripes on the walls.

Add some ‘pop’

You don’t need to paint the whole room to change the way it feels; small accents are sometimes enough. Start with a different hue or contrasting colour on a door or window frame. Even cushions, artwork, a floor rug or new lamp can add the touch you are looking for.

Go a little crazy with bright, bold colours to add ‘pop’ in unexpected spaces like the insides of cupboards, the pantry or even a hallway.

Most importantly, choose colours that express your personality and make you feel good. And don’t panic if the finished effect is bolder than you wanted; you can always break it up or soften it by sponging, rag rolling or colour washing.

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