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Pool’s in, beach’s out

Pools and granny flats have made a resurgence in favour with homebuyers over the last twelve months, new data shows.

A study of keywords entered into multi-listing site realestate.com.au shows that property buyers and renters alike have shifted their preferences when looking for their next home.

Among buyers, ‘pool’ was the most searched term over the September quarter, appearing in almost a third of all keyword searches.

While pools were also popular with renters, they were searched in only 8% of keyword searches by tenants, who were more keen to find ‘pet friendly’ properties.

Waterfront homes, or one near a beach, took a plunge in popularity with homebuyers over the 12 months, dropping by 27.9% and 24.3% respectively.

Interestingly, a trend that has not changed much since the dire days of lockdowns is keyword searches for ‘studies’ or ‘offices’. While a rise in those searches was widely recognised during Covid, it would seem we are all still keen to keep on being able to work from home, at least part-time.

The growth has been strongest among buyers, where the share of ‘office’ keyword searches was 25% higher in the September quarter compared with the same time last year.

There was a considerable jump (26.3%) in the number of buyers looking for a granny flat, which might suggest property investors are looking to take advantage of the rental shortage by purchasing a property they can rent to multiple tenants.

The top 12 keywords for buyers, showing percentage of the total, and the changes over 12 months, are:

1. Swimming pool (32.2%, down 1.2%)
2. Garage (10.4%, down 0.15%)
3. Outdoor area (5.0%, down 9.8%)
4. Air conditioner (5.0%, down 10.8%)
5. Ensuite (4.2%, down 8.2%)
6. Waterfront (3.0%, down 27.9%)
7. Balcony (2.9%, up 1.5%)
8. View (2.7%, down 8.5%)
9. Granny flat (2.1%, up 26.3%)
10. Shed (1.9%, up 7.9%)
11. Beach (1.8%, down 24.3%)
12. Study/office (1.8%, up 25.5%)

Interestingly, while both renters and buyers alike continue to look for a place to work in their new homes, demand has diminished for other features searched during 2020-2021, such as outdoor areas, yards and balconies.

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