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Raise the bar on doors

No longer just a way to access your home or to keep the marauding enemy at bay, doors these days are as much a statement about you as anything else in your home.

Doors, particularly the front door, play an important role in your home’s first impression. Just like the fence, the front door can influence your home’s look.

When deciding on the style of your entrance, first ask yourself what will best complement the style of your home. A steel or heritage timber door might look impressive, but it is going to detract from the overall appeal of an 1940s Art Deco house.

If it is important that external doors allow light into your home, consider a wooden door that contains glass panels – these can be clear, opaque or decorative, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Consider also how any external door will withstand the elements, especially if it’s exposed to direct sun or rain. If the door is not protected by a porch or verandah, coat it with a high-quality exterior paint to ensure it looks good for years to come.

When it comes to internal doors, the options are endless. Do you want a sliding door, swinging bi-fold, stained timber, painted, multi-panelled, patterned or stained-glass?

A general trend to open plan living has prompted a shift towards classic timber bi-fold doors. This style is popular in both renovated period and modern homes, especially across the rear of the home where they can slide back open to open onto a decking area. It complements the Australian way of life by bringing the outdoors in and allowing plenty of light into the living rooms to create an open and airy feel.

Internal bifold doors are also effective in homes with large rooms that might be closed off for warmth in winter, then opened up for summer or to provide an area ideal for entertaining a large group of people.

When choosing internal doors, consider whether sound insulation is important in the situation. Regular internal doors are often hollow-core and lightweight, so when separating bedrooms from the family area look for doors which are solid enough to block out excessive noise.

While it can be easy to get preoccupied with the aesthetics of a door, it is important that it also provides an acceptable level of security for you and your family. Lockable security screens are becoming standard feature of many new homes. They allow air to flow into the house, without sending an invitation to burglars that the door is enticingly open.

Whatever style you choose, new doors are likely to provide a fresh, modern look to your home, as well as greater functionality.

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