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Renovating? What not to DIY

Doing your own home renovations might be fun and save money, but there are some jobs that really should be left to the professionals.

Most homeowners can change a fuse when the power cuts out, but have you spent years studying the complexities of electrical systems? Whether it’s an appliance on the brink or outlets need replacing, electricity can be unpredictable and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Electricians are the best point of contact for:

– Installing switches and outlets. Light fittings and sockets wear down over time, but fixing them is a lot more complicated than cosmetic replacements. Unless the mains power is off, electricity will still be flowing through the circuits, making any work potentially hazardous.

– Rewiring your home electrical system. Not only is it unsafe, it’s illegal to conduct any work without certification and any system that doesn’t meet the Electrical Code of Practice will meet with hefty fines instead.

– Fixing power cords or appliances. Even the best appliances have their moments, where they throw their circuits in the air and say “enough, I need a break”. You might want to nurture them through the rough patch, but don’t. Have it repaired by a professional, which won’t cost you a thing if it’s still under warranty, or buy a new one.

– Anything to do with underground power lines. During the planning phase of any renovation, contact Dial Before You Dig to understand where the power lines are on your property. If you happen to come across some, avoid doing any further work until you contact an electrician.

Avoid asbestos at all cost: before you start knocking out walls, find out what’s in them. If your house was built before the 80’s, asbestos fibres may well be in the mix. Commonly used throughout buildings before people became aware of the dire health risk it posed, asbestos should always be removed professionally, with specific care to avoid releasing the fibres into the air.

Be clear with your gear: do you have a workshop set up at home? Equipment such as grinders, welders and power saws are popular tools for the handyman, but they pose a serious threat if not handled with care. Read the instructions, watch videos on Youtube for advice and be sure to understand your power tools well before using them. Most importantly, keep them stored well out of reach of small children.

Doing your own home renovations is fun, but to be safe, know when to call in the professionals and leave the task to them.

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