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Renovation cost guide

When planning a renovation, or even just some maintenance work on your home, it is handy to have an idea of the likely costs involved.

Fortunately, advisory service Archicentre has just released its latest cost guide so that you can be more prepared when talking to tradesfolk, your architect, or quantity surveyors.

Archicentre Australia director Peter Georgiev says the Cost Guide 2022 is designed to help those embarking on renovations, maintenance and new building works.

“There is little out there that provides a degree of transparency on building costs, so it is virtually impossible for most people to comprehend the costs involved”, he adds.

“The updated guide provides information regarding common aspects of home repairs and maintenance as well as estimates for renovations and additions. It is based on use of standard materials, fixtures and finishes.

“The feasibility sketch provides more specific cost advice related to the individual project. Further definition will be achieved once the design is developed, costed by an independent quantity surveyor, and taken to competitive tender when actual prices are obtained”, he concluded.

The updated guide can be downloaded free from the Archicentre website.

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