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Repair, restore or replace?

It can be easy to forget that our homes require regular maintenance over time; twelve months can fly past too quickly, especially with work and kids in the mix.

While things like cracking paint, peeling wallpaper or squeaking doors are easily noticed and repaired, other areas of the house such as the roof might be overlooked – until it springs a leak, or a possum makes a new home there.

How easy is it to know whether to repair your roof, restore it or replace it altogether?

Leaves and foliage left to pile up on the roof and in gutters can cause rotting and in turn lead to leaks or structural damage, so the first and easiest step in roof maintenance would have to be keeping an eye on the gutters and on overhanging trees.

If the roof is in generally good condition, you might be able to save a considerable amount by only repairing the particular areas that need attention. If you decide to repair, remember to take into account what the replacement tiles look like and where you can source them, as similar tiles are often unavailable or difficult to match, and the “patchwork” look may not be for everyone.

Restoring the roof involves repairing any damaged materials and removing lichen and moss with a chemical spray treatment. You might prefer to have a professional do the job for you, or at least have one inspect the roof to check if a pressure hose could do further damage.

If the roof is just beyond repair, or you are looking to alter or change the material, a full roof replacement might be in order. Also, if you are renovating or extending your home, it can be worthwhile to replace the entire roof to keep continuity throughout the house.

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