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Revisit the guest room

Would you sleep in your spare room? It’s easy to neglect the space if it does not get used often. Worse, it becomes a ‘thrown’ room, where everything that doesn’t have a natural home gets stashed until you get round to sorting out the chaos.

Maybe, it turned into a home office during the Covid years and you have never needed to change it back. But imagine that a family member or dear friend comes to stay – can they feel truly welcome or rested there?

It actually takes very little to turn the room into a comfortable, welcoming space that can be as appealing to you and your family as it is to guests.

1. Invest in a good bed. There are some excellent sofa beds available if that suits the way you will use the room; if you are happy to have a bed in the space, invest in one with storage drawers underneath.

2. Place a comfortable chair near the window, with a small table or shelf offering space for a cup, some books and a vase of flowers. You can always change the books according to your guests and between visits enjoy the space for quiet moments by yourself.

3. Find at least one good bedside lamp. Very few people feel rested with an overhead light – and no-one likes having to get out of bed to turn it off!

4. Offer storage, especially if your visitor plans to stay more than a few days. Keep a drawer and some hanging space free – even if it’s a hanging rack from your local flatpack store.

5. Install a mirror on the wall or inside a cupboard door, for those last-minute hem checks.

6. Ensure window coverings are adequate for all tastes. Some people love to sleep with an open window, while others need complete darkness at night. Curtains and a roman blind will cover all preferences – the blind can block out light, while curtains will enhance the room’s ambience whether drawn or not.

7. Find bedding, cushions and a throw rug that match the décor to create a peaceful atmosphere. If you are using mismatched furniture, paint it in complimentary colours so that the room looks and feels loved rather than like a hotchpotch of leftovers.

Finally, invest in a couple of good pillows to ensure your visitors feel well-rested and comfortable in your home.

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