At Hugo Alexander Property Group we are known for helping our clients minimise their risk and optimise their profit. Our research is industry leading and used by major banks, property developers, valuation companies, buyers agencies as well as home buyers and investors. Our research based advice and unique approach to Advertising, Sales, and Negotiation has made some of our clients millions and saved others tens of millions.


For developers, home buyers and sellers:

We offer feasibility studies to developers at the point of looking for a site or assessing a DA that is already in place. Showing our clients what the most profitable configuration and location within in a suburb is one of our specialities. We also believe it is essential to have accurate feedback of likely selling prices as well as associated risks before starting a project. Unlike many of our competitors, If we don’t believe your project will be profitable we will tell you. We will also show different options of how it can be made more profitable.

We also conduct research for buyers and sellers of residential property in the Brisbane market. We help our clients analyse cash flow risk, equity risk, and over supply risk. As a buyer, before purchasing, you can know the likelihood of the chosen properties price going up or down in both rent and sale value. As a seller you can better understand if it’s a good time to sell and what the outlook of your investment is going look like. If you own a portfolio of properties you can be better informed as to which property to hold and which to sell.


Looking to sell your home or investment property?

We have proven that to get the best outcome with your home or investment property it helps to have the very best research and information on your side. We believe that without all the information you can use to sell a home that you are potentially leaving money on the table.

We have a unique selling method that is based on a five step methodology. Over 11 years our selling method has seen 322 out of 325 of our clients sell their homes for what they wanted and this been achieved within 30 days on average.

The key components of our methodology involve industry leading processes and our own intellectual property in the following areas:

Presentation: How to prepare, maintain and present your home for maximum profit.

Sales Method and Pricing Strategy: Which selling method and pricing strategy is going to create the most profit for you

Advertising Strategy: knowing where, when, and how to advertise for maximum return on investment based on your budget.

Negotiation: giving you the confidence that the best possible price, terms and conditions are being presented long after a deal can be done.

Agent: Whereas many agents are transaction focused, we are relationship focused. That’s not a throw away line for us. We genuinely care about our clients and do absolutely everything in our power to help them create intergenerational wealth for their family and community.


Is your development or home not selling?

Book in for a free one on one consultation and we can tell you why and offer solutions


In the process of building a block of apartments, townhouses, or houses

And looking for a selling agent who can partner with you to achieve a smooth and profitable outcome? We would love to assist.

We offer end to end solutions from research, branding design, advertising and promotion, sales and marketing through to after sales management. We can help in all or any of those areas.