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Shake out the laundry

In many homes, the laundry is often a neglected, tiny space, yet it plays a crucial role in daily life. Here are some ways to make your laundry efficient, organised and a delight to use.

Optimise space. Mount the dryer on the wall, add cupboards and shelving and create as much benchtop as possible. Consider installing a fold-down ironing board and pull-out clothesline for hanging ironed shirts or wet gear.

Maximise storage. For a small room, the laundry is often expected to store a surprising number of household items – cleaning products, brushes, brooms, mops, spare light bulbs, even rain gear and boots, so the more cupboards you can fit into the space the tidier it will look. Consider building in a couple of deep drawers for holding the washing – one for whites and the other for coloureds. A vertical sliding organiser that fits in that difficult space between appliances could be perfect for storing frequently-used laundry stuff.

Allow surfaces for sorting and folding. Build a counter top over the washing machine. No problem if it’s a top-loader – simply build the counter on a hinge so it can lift out of the way.

Ensure a floor that will stand up to wear and tear. Tiles are perfect, and can continue up the walls as far as necessary to provide protection from splashes and spills.

Use mould-resistant paint for walls and skirting boards. The laundry is always going to be a damp environment, so precautions won’t go astray. Use light colours to keep the room bright, especially if it’s small.

Provide adequate ventilation and lighting. If you can’t add another window, consider adding a skylight into the ceiling; one that can be opened is even better, for allowing steam and moisture from the dryer to escape. If that’s not possible, install strip lighting under the cabinets or shelves.

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