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Shine on the outside

Exterior lighting for the home is important in many ways, for safety, security or appearance, and there are just as many ways to achieve the effect you want. No longer are your options restricted to a glaring spotlight, or the single bulb at the back door.

Solar lighting is inexpensive to buy, free to use and can be moved around to suit your whim. The available range is ever-expanding, from bollards, lanterns, step and path lights to strings and mobiles. Solar lights turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn (or before) and give a soft, gentle glow.

Low-voltage lights have brighter lumens, so offer more options for ‘uplighting’ and focused illumination, such as on particular trees or shrubs. They are connected to a transformer, which means you can set them with a timer and forget them. The lights, transformer, cables and joiners are usually weatherproof, readily available and easy to install, but if you are in any doubts consult an electrician first.

Make a plan

Before you run out to buy lights, plan what you want and how to get the best effect for the front, back and sides of the house. Do you just want security lights, or are there features in the garden that could be enjoyed at night through some clever lighting placement?

Make a perspective

Look at the garden from different perspectives, particularly from inside the house, to see what features, plants or trees you’d like illuminated. Take into account that lighting which reaches up into a tall tree will greatly optimise the dimensions of your night-time view.

Make a path

Paths are not only safer but more interesting when they’re lit, and solar lights are perfect for the job. Small bollards are cheap to buy and easy to install, whereas solar bricks built directly into the pathway will add a unique flair.

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of your home. Whether you want to deter intruders or light up walkways and highlight features of your garden, the options are endless and – fortunately- reasonably inexpensive.

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