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Soil with a dirty secret

How safe is the soil you buy to landscape your garden?

The Guardian Australia this week published the results of a study conducted over the past few months, and they are not looking good.

In fact, the study revealed that independent testing of recycled soil fill found two of four samples ‘would not meet legislated thresholds and one contained asbestos’.

The investigation followed a major scare earlier this year, when mulch spread in a public park was found to contain asbestos, leading to further discoveries of asbestos in other public sites and even in commercially-sold products.

As part of the investigation, Guardian Australia bought four products at Sydney landscape supply shops and had samples analysed by accredited laboratories. Two of the products did not comply with state regulations on pH levels while one was found to contain asbestos fibres. Another of the products passed the lab tests, but was found to contain large physical contaminants including glass and a metal screw.

The Guardian noted specifically that the ‘soil’ in question is not potting mix or ‘garden soil’, but rather is marketed as crusher dust, recycled turf underlay, recycled soil or budget underlay – all of which are names that can be used to sell recycled residue from construction and demolition sites.

The products are used at public places such as parks and schools, as well as being sold directly to consumers for backyard landscaping such as a foundation for turf, backfill for a retaining wall, or as a base for pavers.

The full story is available on the Guardian Australia’s website.

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