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Spring clean for wardrobes

It’s nearly Spring, traditionally a time for opening our homes, clearing out winter’s clutter and getting organised for the warmer months.

One of the easiest – and possibly the most essential – areas of change to tackle at this time of the year is the wardrobe, and it will involve both organising and de-cluttering.

That might seem we’re splitting hairs, but de-cluttering involves removing things that are no longer necessary from a space, whereas organising is putting into order what’s left. You need to do both, to have a space that feels good and functions efficiently.

First, gather everything you will need, such as vacuum pack bags for storage and boxes or plastic bags for unwanted items. That way, you can immediately put everything away as you go.

Next, set aside for storage any clothing that is not going to be used over the warmer months, such as coats, woollens, and thermals. Before storing, however, take care that they are all clean – either shake them well in the sunlight or wash them – as soiled or dusty fabrics can contain dead skin cells, pet hair and destructive critters.

If you have been keeping clothing for purely sentimental reasons, move it to a different place or store it in vacuum bags. There’s nothing wrong with keeping things because of the memories; they just don’t belong with your regular clothes.

Consider getting rid of clothes, scarves, hats and other accessories you haven’t worn in years. If you’re hesitating over something, ask yourself why you never wear it. Is it lovely but always uncomfortable? Maybe it’s not really your style? Offer it to a friend instead and enjoy seeing them wearing it.

Now you have everything out of the closet, take time to vacuum the space thoroughly and wipe down all surfaces, including the walls, with a cloth soaked in a mix of vinegar and water. Think about whether you could use another shelf, rack or even some hooks to make it easier to find things, while stick-on strip lighting will make a dim space more functional.

Once you have sorted the clothes your family no longer needs, there are several options for disposing of them. You might donate them to charity, sell or give them away online or send them to a group such as Upparel for recycling.

Regular sorting and re-organisation of your wardrobe will not only make life easier, but also reduce the potential for mustiness, dust, and infestations of moths or silverfish.

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