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Spring into the garden

That’s it, Winter is officially over – and with Spring comes a magic time for gardeners. It’s for enjoying the sight and perfume of blossoms and flowering bulbs, the sound of baby birds in the trees and the emergence of new growth everywhere.

It’s also a time to start pruning old plants, planting new ones and fertilising everything.


If you have not already pruned your roses, do it now for an abundance of blooms. The extent of the pruning will depend on the type and age of the plant, but as a general rule make sure you remove dead or diseased wood, clear out branches that will cross or crowd others, and cut away suckers from the base of the plant.

Trimming hedge plants back now will encourage a lush, thicker growth. If the hedge is also your front fence, make sure it does not encroach over the footpath outside.

Tend pots

Trim and clean up potted indoor and outdoor plants, re-potting where necessary using an appropriate mix. If possible, wash indoor plants by placing them under a lukewarm shower, and the outdoor plants by soaking them in a tub of water. Once they have been cleaned and trimmed, feed with pellets or a liquid fertiliser.

Nurture the lawn

A green lawn is a summer delight offering a cool oasis on hot days, and now is the best time to give it some help to survive the heat. Aerate the soil, throw down seeds and top dressing where necessary then add fertiliser and water it in well.

If you have not already removed emerging bindii, do so in the next few weeks before it sets those nasty seeds we hate to step on in summer. The safest, chemical-free way is by hand, with a weed-remover fork, or by pouring boiling water on each plant; if your lawn is too big for that, or already overrun with the devilish weed, see your local nursery for a selective herbicide.


Now for the really exciting task, sowing seed for summer annuals and vegetables, or transplanting established seedlings for early colour and harvest. If you want new shrubs or trees in your garden, plant them now so they can get established before the summer heat sets in.


With most plants starting to grow new shoots and flowers, it is important to feed and fertilise them now. If you are lucky enough to have a worm farm, use a mix of water and worm wee; when using commercial products, make sure they are appropriate to the plants being tended. Add compost regularly to the soil for ongoing care and feed. Note on a calendar each time you fertilise your garden and pots, to know when it is due again.


After all the cleaning, clearing and fertilising, take time to cover garden beds and pots with a healthy layer of new mulch. This will keep weeds at bay, while protecting the moisture in the soil for longer through the coming months.

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