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Stamp out winter damp

We naturally tend to close doors and windows in winter to keep our homes warm, but that can bring other, less obvious, problems such as condensation dampness.

If left untreated, damp – whether from condensation, leaks or seepage – will cause mould and unhealthy living conditions in the home. Fortunately, it’s relatively simple to reduce the occurrence and impact of condensation damp, so the family can breathe easily again.

Condensation dampness occurs when moist air builds up inside the home then condenses into liquid state when it hits cold surfaces such as windows, mirrors or walls. It doesn’t always happen around the obvious source; water vapour produced in the kitchen might diffuse through the house into a cold bedroom where it will condense on the walls.

Here are some tips for treating and avoiding damage from damp:

– Open windows whenever possible to increase airflow through the home. Where necessary, cut back shrubbery that is preventing air or light from coming in.
– Remove any existing mould. The most effective and family-friendly way is to use vinegar (8 parts vinegar to 2 parts water is ideal).
– A dehumidifier will act quietly and efficiently to remove condensation and moisture if the problem is ongoing.
– Insulation in the roof will prevent ceilings and tops of walls from getting too cold, so if you haven’t already, install some soon. It will also make a big difference to your heating bills.
– Wallpaper and some paints are more susceptible to mould than other wall coverings so if you live in a humid climate or your home is chronically damp, use an anti-mould paint for your walls.

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