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Take back the night

The Christmas holidays might be over for some, but we are all still enjoying as much time outdoors as possible, whether relaxing by the pool, gardening, or entertaining family and friends with a barbecue.

Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones who love this time of year. As the heat intensifies and we spend more time outside, so do a plethora of bugs and insects, many of which seem to make it their duty to wreak havoc in our backyards, camps and play areas.

At the top of many people’s ‘most wanted’ list is the infamous mosquito – with its knack for ruining barbecues, outdoor activities and any chance of enjoying a good night’s sleep.
Mosquitoes also spread diseases, with symptoms ranging from mild fevers to a severe and potentially life-threatening haemorrhagic disease.

The good news is that there are simple steps to follow in order to keep pesky mozzies at bay –

– Turn off porch lights, as mosquitoes are attracted to light. Instead, use area repellents such as citronella candles to provide illumination.

– Cut the lawn frequently and be sure to clear away lawn cuttings, raked leaves or other decaying debris that fall from trees.

– Grow herbs such as mint, rosemary, pennyroyal, basil, lavender and scented geraniums near your outdoor living areas, as they release essential oils on dusk which repel most flying insects.

– Wear light coloured and loose fitting clothes. The light colours make you less attractive to mosquitoes and loose fitting clothes make it more difficult for insects to bite.

– When using aerosol or pump repellent products, spray skin with a slow sweeping motion. Use just enough repellent to cover exposed skin and/or clothing.

– Parents should apply repellent to children, avoiding hands, eyes and mouth.

– For a more natural approach, try plant-based products available that contain the insect repellent found in eucalyptus plants.

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