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Top bathroom makeovers

When your home is on the market, the bathroom is one room that buyers will look at critically. So if it is looking a little dated, you might want to consider making some changes before selling. Here are our top twelve bathroom makeover tips.

1. Fresh paint works wonders in any room and the bathroom is no exception. Opt for a light, neutral colour such as off-white, soft green or blue, that won’t offend potential buyers.

2. Clean everything. If your bathroom is on show, make sure it is sparkling clean. This includes mirrors, tiles, shower screens and of course, the toilet.

3. A simple way to update your bathroom is to upgrade the hardware – towel rails, soap holders, toilet paper holder and vanity knobs. Modern, stylish hardware doesn’t have to be expensive and can make the room look brand new.

4. Invest in some towels. New, fluffy towels add a touch of luxury and will look just as good in your new home.

5. If the bath is old, rusted, cracked or stained, replace it. A nice, shiny bath will score more points with buyers than one they wouldn’t want to use.

6. A cracked or warped vanity makes a bad impression, so replace it if necessary. Make sure you buy one with plenty of space because storage is always an issue in the bathroom.

7. How is the sink looking? Like the bath, if it is chipped, rusted or stained, replace it.

8. If the flooring is currently carpet, old vinyl or cracked, you might consider swapping it out for modern, neutral tiles. Costs for tiling will vary depending on the size of your bathroom, so make sure you get a few quotes from qualified, professional tilers before you begin.

9. Consider installing a new toilet; it will not only update an old bathroom, but will boost the impression of cleanliness.

10. Replace tapware. New taps add sparkle and make your bathroom look new again. Don’t do anything too dramatic, remember you want to appeal to the largest number of people possible.

11. A well-lit bathroom is essential. Halogen downlights above the bathroom mirror provide ample lighting, while indirect lighting in other parts of the room can add a soft, warm, glow. Even better, consider installing a skylight (if applicable) to optimise on natural lighting.

Finally, add colour and personality to your bathroom by adding a few decorative touches. Keep them few and stylish, and make sure they complement the colour of your tiles, walls and towels. A simple print on the wall, a small pot plant or a candle arrangement on the edge of the bathtub is usually enough.

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